Field work and consulting reports on VMS deposits:
Portugal (Aljustrel and Neves Corvo mines); Wales (Parys Mountain deposit); northern Sweden (Kristineberg mine; Boliden historic mine; Åsen, Udden and Nyborg deposits); Ontario (Kidd Creek mine; Kam-Kotia historic mine; Genex deposit); Quebec (Normétal historic mine); and British Columbia (Myra Falls mine; Tulsequah Chief and Anyox historic mines).

Field work and consulting reports on GOLD deposits:
Timmins area (Dome mine, Montclerg deposit, Holloway mine, TV Zone at Hoyle Pond mine); Larder Lake area (Cheminis historic mine); Quebec (Augmitto - Astoria historic mines near Noranda; Comtois deposit at Lebel-sur-Quévillon; Perron prospect near Normétal; Beschefer prospect near Selbaie); and Nunavut.(Madrid deposit at Hope Bay).


MDRU Project on "Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposits of the British Columbia Cordillera". Detailed field, lithogeochemical, petrographic and isotopic work at:

  1. Myra Falls deposits: H-W and Battle orebodies (Westmin Resources), Vancouver Island;
  2. Tulsequah Chief and Big Bull deposits (Redfern Resources), northwestern BC;
  3. Eskay Creek 21B deposit (Homestake Canada), northern BC;
  4. Hidden Creek, Anyox deposit (TVI Pacific), central BC;
  5. Granduc deposit (Granduc Mines), central BC;
  6. Seneca prospect (Metall Mining), southern BC;
  7. Niblack deposit (Lac Minerals), southern Alaska;
  8. Kutcho Creek deposit (Homestake Canada), northern BC.
Field work in 1995-97 (outside of MDRU VMS project in BC) included volcanic stratigraphy and VMS deposits at Parys Mountain in Wales, in the Ambler Range in northern Alaska, in the central and southern Philippines, and in the Timmins region. Also, field work on the Johnson River epithermal prospect (Westmin Resources) in southern Alaska.
1994 Short course given in November 1994 to exploration and government geologists in the Philippines (through TVI Pacific).
1993 Field trips in October to two major Paleozoic massive sulfide deposits in southern China, as part of an invited lecture tour organized by the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences and the Yichang Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources.
1992 Field trip: stratigraphy of Bathurst mining camp, New Brunswick, and examination of cores at Brunswick No. 6 and 12 deposits, and in the Key Anacon camp.
1991 Co-leader with P.W. Fralick on: "Precambrian Depositional Systems along the Southwestern Edge of the Superior Craton". GAC Annual Meeting, Toronto '91: Co-author with P.W. Fralick of GAC Field Trip Guidebook.
Field trip participant: Geology of Barbados.
1987-91 Field work in Noranda area on Archean and massive sulfide deposits, host volcanics and hydrothermal alteration zones (mainly the Horne, Ansil, Aldermac, Mobrun, Norbec, Delbridge and Corbet deposits).
1986, 1989 Field work in northern Labrador trough on Proterozoic sediment-hosted massive sulfide deposits (Soucy No. 1 and Partington) and associated iron-formations.
1982-89 Field work on Precambrian stratigraphy, sedimentary rocks, iron-formations and sulfide deposits in greenstone belts of northwestern Ontario.
1986 Participant in the CASM VI cruise to the northern and southern segments of the Southern Explorer Ridge and Tuzo Wilson Seamounts. Took part in operations as on CASM V. Sulfide deposits were dredged from the southern segment of the Explorer Ridge, and hydrothermal plumes were located on the northern segment.
1985 Participant in the CASM V cruise to the Southern Explorer Ridge and Tuzo Wilson Seamounts: bottom photography, basalt dredging, nephelometer runs, sediment coring, and hydrocast deployment to obtain smoke samples from the hydrothermal vents. At least 10 new sulfide deposits were discovered. Also: co-leader of field trip to examine Precambrian stratigraphy and iron-formations north of Lake Superior.
1984 Participant in the CASM IV cruise and PISCES submersible dives to the Southern Explorer Ridge in the northeast Pacific (in Canadian territorial waters). Seventeen new massive sulfide deposits were discovered and sampled; near-axial sediments were recovered by gravity coring.
1983 Field trip participant: 1) Stratabound Base Metal Deposits of Southwestern British Columbia (GAC/MAC Annual Meeting in Victoria, BC).
2) Platform Carbonates of the Western Dinarids, Yugoslavia (I.A.S. Annual Meeting in Split, Yugoslavia).
1982 Co-Instructor on Royal School of Mines (London) field trip: Geology of Sicily. Field trip participant: 1) Volcanology of Hawaii Island (Clay Minerals Society).
2) Geological Cross Section of Southern Tibet (Geological Society of China), as part of Geological Society of China conference in Peking.
1981 Field trip participant: 1) Siliceous Rocks of Japan: IGCP Project 115 Conference on Siliceous Sediments in Tokyo, Japan.
2) Turbidites in the North Apennines, Italy: I.A.S. Annual Meeting in Bologna, Italy.
3) Geology of Southern Israel: ECOG VII Conference on Isotope Geology in Jerusalem, Israel.
1979-80 Invited scientist on Leg 70 of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, in the eastern Pacific Ocean. This Leg carried out the first hydraulic piston coring of the Galapagos hydrothermal mounds, and also extended penetration of basalts in young ocean crust to the deepest in the Pacific. Subsequent research in 1980-81 in Oxford and Tübingen on recovered metalliferous sediments and basalts.
1980 Field trip: Geology of Austria (International Geological Congress).
1979 Field trip participant: Geology of Troodos Ophiolite Complex (Intern. Ophiolite Conference). Field trip leader: Geology of Elba, Italy (for Geology Department, Tübingen University). I.A.S. Field trip participant: Triassic Rocks of the Italian Dolomites.
1977-79 Field work on obducted ophiolites and deep-sea sediments of southwest Scotland 1983 (Ballantrae Complex).
1977 Field trip participant: Geology of Apuan Alps, Italy.
1975-76 Field work for Ph.D. on ophiolite-pelagic sediment sequences, island of Elba and East Liguria, North Apennines, Italy.
1974 Field work on platform carbonates, Mexico. Field trip on Paleozoic flysch of Quebec. Research assistant, high P-T lab, Department of Geology, University of Toronto: solid-fluid relations in the feldspar-H20-KCl-NaCl system.
1972 Field work, for University of Toronto, on Paleozoic geosynclinal sequences in Newfoundland and New Zealand, and Proterozoic glacial sediments Ontario. Field course, University of Miami: "The Geology of Tropical Marine Environments".
1971 Senior mapper, Dept. of Mineral Resources, New Brunswick: mapping of late Precambrian island arc sequences. 1969-70: Junior mapper, Anaconda American Brass: mapping of Archean volcanic sequences in the Abitibi greenstone belt.

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