T.J. Barrett and W.H. MacLean have published 45 papers on volcanic-hosted base metal deposits, host stratigraphy, lithogeochemistry, and hydrothermal alteration, as well as completing 50 consulting reports for the exploration industry over the last 25 years. We have developed an extensive stratigraphic and lithogeochemical database which we use to assess results from exploration programs in a variety of volcanic terrains. Our approach is to work closely with company geologists to assure optimal use of property and drilling information.

Areas of Specialization

• Definition of the chemostratigraphic framework of VMS mineralization, based on mapping and immobile-element lithogeochemical methods

• Tracing of key volcanic horizons in altered and deformed sequences

• Quantification of hydrothermal alteration using mass-change methods

• Reconstruction of the volcanic setting of mineralization & geological synthesis

• Recommendation of drilling targets based on stratigraphic and alteration trends

• Evaluation of properties for potential VMS mineralization

Ore Systems Consulting can provide important services in the search for ore deposits. We employ an advanced and rigorous approach to defining host volcanic units and alteration vectors based on immobile element methods and mass changes. This approach is also effective in complex or deformed volcanic terrains. We specialize in the treatment and interpretation of lithogeochemical data at all levels of field and drilling exploration. The results are then used together with detailed core logging and volcanic facies analysis to reconstruct the stratigraphic and hydrothermal history of a particulare terrane, and to target favorable drilling zones. This approach can also significantly reduce exploration costs. If you are interested in our expertise as applied to exploration problems, target identification and property evaluations, we would be pleased to provide further details.

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