Plan map of volcanic and sedimentary units at the Parys Mountain polymetallic sulfide deposit, island of Anglesey, Wales, UM. The main rhyolite units (types 1 to 4) are defined on the basis of lithogeochemical features (primarily their immobile-element ratios). The rhyolites and the Central Shales are of lower Silurian age, whereas the southern and northern shales are Ordovician. The Carreg-y-Doll and White-Rock zones (both in blue) consist mainy of laminated quartz and may represent low-temperature seafloor preciptates. At least in the eastern half of the area shown, the main structure is a syncline with the vergence towards the south. In the western part of the property, the struture appears to be more complext, due to possible updoming as well as displacement along a NE-striking fault. The main massive sulfide zones are shown in pink (Engine Zone and Garth Daniel Zone). In these zones, the massive sulfides lie at the contact between footwall shale and hangingwall rhyolite. At the western end of the property, the Morris shaft, sunk in the late 1980s, accessed the Engine Zone massive sulfides at the -280 m level.


Chemostratigraphic correlation along the recently drilled Garth Daniel Zone, northern flank of Parys Mountain. Main mineralized zones are shown in pink. The high-grade massive sulfides intersected near the ends of the holes are interpreted as the extension of the Engine Zone horizon that occurs on the western end of the property. The Central Shales are interpreted to form the core of a syncline that repeats mineralization in the easatern three holes. One of the key volcanic markers for the Engine Zone horizon is rhyolite B, a strongly altered lapilli tuff unit having distinctive immobile-element ratios that can be traced across the property.

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