Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia terrane map showing locations of main gold deposits, from Surour et al. 2014 (Journal of African Earth Sciences, v. 89, p. 149-163). The Jabal Sayid Cu-rich VMS deposits lies about 30 km north of the Mahd ad Dhabab gold deposit (no. 3 on the map). The Jabal Shayban gold deposit lies about 200 km to the southwest (no. 4 on the map). Both deposits are hosted by late Precambrian volcanic sequences, including abundant rhyolites, with geochemical features indicating a primitive island-arc setting.


General view of mine operations at the the Jabal Sayid VMS deposit (from Barrick website).

Barrett, T.J., 2013c. Lithogeochemistry of host rocks at the Jabal Sayid VMS-Au deposit and the Jabal Shayban prospect, Saudi Arabia. Unpublished report for Bariq Mining Lti, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, pp. 91 + 4 tables + 2 appendices.

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