Early research by W.H. MacLean dealt with ore genesis and exploration techniques for Ni-Cu-PGM magmatic ores. It involved phase equilibrium of immiscible sulphide ore-forming liquids in magmas, and partitioning of base and precious metals into the sulphide liquids from surrounding magma.

Journal Publications

MacLean, W.H., 1969. Liquidus phjase relations in the FeS-FeO-Fe3O4-SiO2 system, and their application to geology.
Economic Geology, v. 64, p. 865-884.

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Shimizaki, H. and MacLean, W.H., 1976. An experimental study on the partition of zinc and lead between sulphide and silicate liquids.
Mineralium Deposita 11, 125-132.

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