Journal Publications

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Special Publication, International Association of Sedimentologists, Volume 22, pp. 137-156.

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Canadian Mineralogist. v. 27, p. 601-616.

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Sedimentology, v. 36, p. 221-234.

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Canadian Mineralogist, v. 26, p. 871-888.

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Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v. 25, p. 570-580.

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Journal Sedimentary Petrology, v. 55, p. 205-212.


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Geological Society of America, North Central Meeting, Akron, Ohio.

Gebert, J., Fox, J. and Barrett, T.J., 1987. A reinterpretation of the Zn-Cu and Ni-Cu deposits of the Frederickson Lake area, central Labrador Trough.
Annual GAC-MAC Meeting, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Programme with Abstracts.


Fralick, P. and Barrett, T.J., 1991. Precambrian Depositional Systems along the Southwestern Edge of the Superior Craton. Geological Association of Canada,
Mineralogical Association of Canada, Society of Economic Geologists, Joint Annual Meeting, Toronto '91. Field Trip A3: Guidebook, 54 pp.

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